Parrucche / Livelli

Reference: Italian flyer from 1968, which explains how to subvert the fascist writing on the walls of the city, changing their meaning.

Parrucche / Livelli



Publication produced by an heterogeneous work team composed of an hairdresser, a photographer, a researcher, an illustrator and a graphic designer, during a workshop organized by Nicolas Polli – as part of his bachelor’s thesis at Supsi University in Lugano, Switzerland.
The theme of the book is ‘wigs’, analyzed, starting from the essay ‘Le Mimétisme animal’ by Roger Caillois, from four different points of view: mimicry, intimidation, disguise, transformation. The typography and the layout in the book are linked to the same concept of superposition of levels and mutation.


Nicolas Polli, Suspsi – Lugano
Eleonora Mombelli, Simone Cavadini, Davide Fornari, Sarah Mazzetti

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