Birelli Ais

Intorno a Diego Birelli:
Il lavoro del graphic designer attraverso
le dinamiche professionali
tra gli anni sessanta e ottanta in Italia



The profile of Diego Birelli (Asti 1934 – Venezia 2011) as a graphic designer may be analysed by mapping the relationships he developed throughout his professional career. Between the sixties and the eighties, Birelli attended the Corso superiore di disegno industriale in Venice; as a militant graphic designer he took part in the political struggles led by parliamentary and extra-parliamentary left-wing parties; he interpreted the graphics of social engagement for the Venetian community and was a key figure in the metamorphosis of Italian publishing as art director for Marsilio, Electa, Alfieri and the Italian Touring Club. Connecting the primary sources with the existing historiography of graphic design, this research study intends to describe the figure of the designer within the wider dynamics of design work and the design process.


Posted in History of design research